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Used T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-910T Smartphone White


Used T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-910T Smartphone White

$ 259.99

Certified Used T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone White


Cosmetic Condition of This Phone:

Used Like New (Certified PreOwned) - Little To No Signs of Use. Comes In a Box With Charger

Grade A Factory Refurbished.

Accessories Included:

  • Heavy Protective Case
  • OEM Original Samsung Charger
  • Data Cable
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

Instructions When Phone Arrives:

Just Insert Your Simcard, And Start Talking


3 Major Things To Look Forward To With Your New Phone

Very Long 6 inch Screen Ultra HD Display

Although it's got the same 5.7-inch display as last year's model, the Note 4 has jumped in display

resolution, from 1080p HD up to a 2,650 x 1,440p quad HD AMOLED display. Its pixel density of 515 ppi

soars over the Note 3's 386 ppi and the iPhone 6 Plus' density of 401 ppi (but is less pixel-packed than the

slightly smaller LG G3's at 538 ppi).

These are big, impressive numbers on a big, impressive display that is undoubtedly clear and sharp. I

spent a lot of time scrutinizing the Note 4's presentation of many HD images, Web sites, and even 4K

video against the iPhone 6 Plus and LG G3, all of them with brightness cranked to the max. I also threw in

the Note 3 for good measure. Apart from predictable differences in color temperature and tone between

the LCD iPhone and G3 versus the AMOLED Notes, differences in lettering and image quality were minor,

if visible at all.

Very Long Battery Life & A Larger Battery


You get the choice of 'power saving mode' and 'ultra power saving mode' on the Galaxy Note 4, with the

former restricting background data and performance while also giving you the option to switch to a

greyscale interface, saving you precious power from the QHD display.

Ultra power saving mode is far more aggressive, as it totally changes the interface to one which gives you

access to just a few core apps (phone, texts, emails, web browser) as well as providing a simplified

greyscale design. When turning on this mode the Galaxy Note 4 makes some pretty bold claims, including

"days" of standby life, but to be fair to Samsung it does make a difference.

It's not a mode you'll find yourself using all that often, but when you do hit the red zone - and at some point

you probably will - you'll be thankful it's there.

Excellent 16 MegaPixel Rear Camera

Inevitably, we have to go over some important hardware specs of the Note 4's camera. Among them is the

sensor in use – a Sony IMX240. On a related note, this is the very same sensor used in the Galaxy S6 and

Galaxy S6 Edge, both of which, just like the Note 4, are highly-acclaimed for their potent cameras. While

Sony does not publicly provide a datasheet for the IMX240, it is known that the sensor is 1/2.6" in size,

sporting 1.12 μm pixels for a resolution of 16 megapixels. Furthermore the camera module features

optical image stabilization which does a good job at keeping the frame steady. This comes in handy while

taking photos in low light as it allows the camera to set a low shutter speed without this producing a blurry

image. Videos are smooth and steady, too.

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